July 11, 2019


(disney - america sings - yankee doodle)
terminal mind - zombieland
zoogz rift - mongoloid middle america
christian lunch - joke's on you
(tom ulrich & the san francisco symphony chorus & orchestra - what is america?)
shattered faith - i love america
(dick gregory - plymouth rock)
black flag - american waste
(arnold schwarzenegger - america)
(donald trump - the ameican dream is dead)
teenage despression - workin for the kremlin
dick gregory - can't you say once nice thing about america / discovery
gil scott-heron - winter in america (solo version)
prince and the revolution - america
(ronald mcdonald visits america)
john bender - buy american
pete seeger - he lies in the american land
new kingston trio - sold american
maybe mental - young american in troulble
rodd keith - i am a real american
abner jay - the backbone of america is a mule and cotton
the relatives - what's wrong with america
eugene chadbourne - spiro
max + mel - parade with baby
(ronald mcdonald visits america)
mike curb congregation - more than ever (nixon theme song)
abbie hoffman - godbless america - shoot nixon
harry d. cup - sick american
white hills - midnight in america
(kilo - america has a problem)
schoolhouse rock - the great american melting pot
paul mooney - 9/11
president woodrow wilson - address to the american indians
helios creed - america is in good hands
arthur harrison & rupert chappelle - jobs for america
paul stanley - there are evil people who hate the united states of america
(hulk hogan & the wrestling boot band - american made)
(record needle scratch)
the work - i hate america
edgar broughton band - american boy soldier
(sammy kahn & paul weston - civil defense march (heads up america 1957))
(the exxon singers - america's way)
the tape-beatles - america is confident
2 live crew - banned in the usa
faine jade - usa now
MappyTheKlown, AntiClockClock & BrainStormGraphics- united states of whatever (bush remix)
the hugh beaumont experience - police state usa


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