mixtape club: hell
May 26, 2019


(you are on your way to hell)
velvet monkeys - harmonica hell house
rusted shut - heart of hell
overkill - hell's getting hotter
tesco vee & white flag - hot rails to hell intro
rev. a.w. nix - black diamond express to hell pt. 1
negativland - dick vaughn's memorial concert : the hell-bound plane
carlos peron & christian lunch - go to hell! (or the return off gee gee fazzi)
yoko ono - hell in paradise (C&C mix)
mother maybelle carter - drunkard's hell
(hell up in harlem radio spot)
edwin starr - ain't it hell up in harlem
(funk in hell)
don julian & the larks - (if there's a) hell below
(hell's belles radio spot)
f systems - disco hell
v; - wardrobes in hell
really red - personal hell
christian death - desperate hell
the fall - new face in hell
(hell night radio spot)
screaming alpha - 8:15 to hell
(hell's angels on wheels radio spot)
(jefferson airplane vs. hell's angels altamont 1969)
zoogz rift - burn in hell
the scientists - hell beach
pain teens - living hell
rev. a.w. nix - black diamond express to hell pt.2
weird al yankovich - nature trail to hell
dictionaraoke - highway to hell
(bill cosby - what hell is like)
fred kirby - when that hell bomb falls

rev. a. w. nix


carlos peron & christian lunch

grace slick at altamont

hell's angels at altamont


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