mixtape club: memory
January 27, 2019


(kevin trudeau - mega memory)
happy refugees - enshrined in a memory
(mega memory 02)
shades of may - distant memories
(memory 03)
pain teens -body memory
(memory 04)
johnny thunders - you can't put your arms around a memory
red dirt - memories
(memory 08)
the unknowns - not my memory
(memory 06)
jan akkerman & hunters - you were on my mind (sylvia tyson)
dr. timothy leary - the trip: freak-out
martin dupont - broken memory
syntax error - remember remember
(jack handey - fuzzy memories - dog)
(memory 05)
tall dwarfs - i've left memories behind
jenks tex carman - blue memories
(remember this classic)
virginia rogers - thanks for the memories, "bear" bryant
(record needle scratch)
steve young - old memories mean nothing to me
snowy red - frail memories
(you won't even remember my name)
(radio sumatra - great songs and great memories)
the trinikas - remember me
(lenny bruce - you don't remember me, do you)
yoko ono - remember love
yoko ono - i want you to remember me A
john lennon - remember
yoko ono - i remember everything
molly drake - try to remember
sarah vaughn - i'd rather have a memory than a dream
charlie lochner - memory fixed in stone

sylvia tyson

the trinikas

molly drake

yoko ono


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