police brutality punk
June 4, 2020


really red - teaching you the fear -
lyrics - you'll hear "bayou" in a few of these Houston bands' songs, in reference to the murder of Jose Torres
dicks - pigs run wild -
lyrics - gary floyd recent statement on use of the the n-word
ak-47 - the badge means you suck -
dead kennedys - police truck -
the COPS - police brutality -
they dress like cops at their live shows and all of their songs are about cops. check them out. only in houston.>
GFO - police raid
tampax - police in the car
(arnold schwarzeneggar - hey. i'm a police officer)
hugh beaumont experience - police state USA
crap detectors - police state
asbestos rock pyle - police state
the eat - nut cop -
vigil-anti - darlinghurst police
america's hardcore - cops are criminals
urban waste - police brutality -
dogshit kid - eat the police
(this is the police speaking)
black flag - police story -
crucifucks - cops for fertilizer
partisans - bastards in blue -
angelic upstarts - the murder of liddle towers -
lyrics and info
angelic upstarts - police oppression
vast majority (2015) - throwdown live -
rough francis - big box law enforcement
le tigre - bang! bang!
lyrics (they count to 41, the number of times officers shot Amadou Diallo)
pop-o-pies - fascists eat donuts
(blues brothers - are you the police?)
pataphysics - policeman (uranium savages)
arthur brown's kingdom come - night of the pigs
XEX - cops
tara cross - i wanna be a cop
harry burgess - chicago policeman - info
the rudy schwartz project - visiting LA? why not castrate a cop? (1991)
lord buckley - his majesty, the policeman
lenny bruce - cops / who are the thought police
david peel and the lower east - here comes a cop
hakim bey - boycott cop culture
the equals - police on my back
phil ochs - cops of the world
dead kennedys - i fought the law
- lyrics

"Original Gangsters" by Mark Harris


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